We really hope you like nasty, snarling, floppy fish, because that is mostly what we offer here. Soon we intend to widen our inventory to less offensive items such as flowers, journals, photos and t-shirts, but that will be in a few months. New pieces will be posted every week, so visit often.

For now we offer fish. Each is hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind, made for your enjoyment by a crazy woman in her basement (Well, that’s an exaggeration--she mostly works in her kitchen.) The website has been created as a necessity to empty out the living room where fish, skeletons and fish heads are stacked like cordwood, no joke. Please help us! The fish are guaranteed to please or we will replace them for free. Each is made from Sculpey, which is a polymer clay that bakes hard and is very durable. We don’t know how well they hold up outside (maybe someone out there knows?) but we are working on that now too.

Because we feel so lucky to have the opportunity to make a living at something we love, ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to a cause. We have already adopted a manatee named Whiskers (he is the inspiration for some of our work), and next would like to provide micro-loans to people starting small businesses in Africa through KIVA . We will increase the percentage if we actually make a profit!

We would love to hear from you.


Nasty Fish #2324